Take the time..

              The World Is A Big Place


At the end of each day, just before you go to bed, take about thirty seconds to look out your bedroom window at the stars – remember your place in this world, don’t let yourself get lost in it. Then take the time to remind yourself that what you’re going through right now will pass, and it will get better; everything heals with time. Remember that even on your darkest, most horrible days….. those days when you feel utterly, helplessly alone, underestimated, unappreciated, and unloved, that you’re not; Remember that somewhere out there in this big old world, somebody loves you and appreciates you so much, perhaps more than you’ll ever know. Furthermore, realize that there’s at least one person out there that’s dying to meet someone just like you. yes, you. you, even with your fizzy hair, big nose, glasses, and not-so-flat tummy…You, with your awkward smile, embarrassing laugh, and that corny sense of humor that you think no one could ever love. You are appreciated and wished for and brilliant, all of you. Above all else though, take the time each day, at least once, to remind yourself that you’re beautiful – inside and out. Don’t let the way others judge you affect how you judge yourself, don’t let your mistakes and your past define you; and don’t let anything hold you down. Remember that you are a wonderful person and you have the potential to go so far in life. Each and every one of you is worth so much more than you know… and if you ever start to forget or doubt any of that, read this again. Remember his again. You know it’s true, now it’s time you embrace it.


Dedicated to one of my real close friend and all of you.


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